Tips for Reopening: A Record Sales Month with Safe Practices? It’s Possible.

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Jane Christensen, Omni’s CEO and Founder interviews Dr. Valerie Schneider of Lucent Aesthetic, an experienced medical aesthetic practice in Walnut Creek, CA that offers a full range of medical aesthetics for men and women.

Dr. Valerie Schneider offers valuable and timely advice as we reopen. Dr. Schneider is not only highly trained in lasers, injectables and more, she is a Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care physician and has practiced for 20-plus years in addition to her advanced training in aesthetic lasers procedures, injectables, and sclerotherapy. Valerie is a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery along with her background in pulmonary medicine and knowledge of our industry is particularly important during COVID-19.

1-What are your reopening tips for other professionals?

We use CDC and State guidelines. The key to staying safe is to keep it simple. We communicate safe practices clearly and focus on what matters. As a pulmonary expert, many of these guidelines just make sense for daily hygiene. As we reopened, we followed four simple rules.

  • First, wash your hands frequently and refrain from touching your face.
  • Second, wear masks to protect each other from droplet exposure.
  • Third, disinfect exposed surfaces between patients.
  • Fourth, stagger scheduling to mitigate patient overlap.

We sent out a newsletter that communicated our safe practices to avoid stress for our clients. We are on track for a record month, with many patients returning for treatments. For those not yet ready to venture out, we offer product sales by phone with free shipping.

2-For your clients, what procedures and products are most popular?

We offered all of our services, with micro needling and Injectables leading in popularity. We did notice that most clients had skin complaints, likely related to changes in activity, mask irritation, redness, breakouts and dryness. Dehydration or medical issues cause skin issues as well, and clients need to communicate any changes in health to their provider for optimal results. What is clear it that a one-time treatment in-office is not enough. Each person needs a good “at-home” regimen. That is more important now than ever.

3-What can your clients do to maximize their procedure and keep their skin in great shape between treatments?

We recommend the GRASP method of skin care

G: Growth Factors: We only use Omni patented formulas

R: Retinol

A: Anti-Oxidant

S: Sunscreen–365 days a year, all skin types

P: Personal Item tailored for skin needs, time of year, travel, type of skin

Keeps it simple. Four products and one personal item. Use it regularly for noticeable results.

4-What can we learn from the COVID-19 experience to improve our industry going forward?

  • Safe hygiene makes sense: Greater awareness of safe hygienic and sanitation practices are important all year and especially during cold and flu season. From coughing into your elbow or a tissue to staying home when you are ill to washing your hands, this could be beneficial to all of humanity. A pulmonary patient can die from a seasonal flu.
  • Creative business practices must continue: On the business front, there has been so much innovation and creativity with zoom meetings, and new companies and products emerging. It’s important to stay in touch with technology and innovation.
  • Regimen, Regimen, Regimen:  At home skincare has grown in importance. The right, simple regimen with high quality products is a must-have.

Shop here for Omni’s Summer Regimen Special 3-Step Summer Skincare Kit a $247 value for $149!

-Step 1 Cleanse: Omni’s pH balanced, biome-boosting, deeper Cleanser, gently exfoliates daily, perfect for tired skin, rejuvenating wear and tear from mask wearing. Dr. Schneider recommends a gentle cleanser that deeply cleans without damage.

-Step 2 Serum: Omni’s Serum boosts collagen, firms, smooths, reduces discoloration & fine lines. This contains growth factors and the anti-oxidant Vitamin C, recommended by Dr. Schneider. -Step 3 Mask: Omni’s 10-minute miracle mask is a multi-tasker, a super-hydrator to boost your summer glow while acting as an anti-inflammatory to calm post-treatment, environmental stress, and provide overall skin renewal.

-Step 3 Mask: Omni’s 10-minute miracle mask is a multi-tasker, a super-hydrator to boost your summer glow while acting as an anti-inflammatory to calm post-treatment, environmental stress, and provide overall skin renewal.

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