Stress-Free Summer Skin—Even While Wearing a Mask

Put Your Best Face (& Neck, Décolletage, & Eyes) Forward Even While Wearing a Mask

Wearing a face mask may add stress to summer skin with dryness, breakouts and bacteria under and around your mask. And the skin above and below your mask? UV, blue lights and more can exacerbate skin damage. Put your best face, neck, décolletage, and eyes forward even while wearing a mask with Omni’s savvy skincare tips and Omni’s 3-step summer medical-grade skincare kit. And don’t forget to stay safely sanitize–Omni’s Cool & Clean Hand Sanitizer provides soothing hand sanitation, while on the go!

Omni’s pro-tips provide glow where it shows (and beyond!) for smooth, radiant summer skin above, below, and under your mask:

  1. Do Wash your Mask and Wash your Face! Wash your reusable mask after each use* or toss that single-use mask daily. And your face? It’s never been more important to use a physician-grade biome protecting deep and gentle pH balanced cleanser.
    Pro-tip: Resist the urge to over-scrub with harsh cleansers. Omni’s Biome Boosting Facial Cleanser with M-007® removes the deepest debris above, below and under the mask.
  2. Don’t Neglect the Neck (or chest below the Mask): Glow from Below! Your neck and décolletage are age-giveaways, with dark spots, wrinkles, and laxity as tell-tale signs. Medical grade daily care is essential well beyond your face.
    Pro-tip: A professional grade cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen on your neck and décolletage will have you flaunting a youthful look all summer long. Omni’s cleanser, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen meet all your summer skin needs.
  3. Do Remember That the Eyes Have It! Above the mask, your eyes are more important than ever in showing expression. The skin around the eye area requires special care.
    Pro-tip: Never tug around the eyes. Maintain the delicate skin biome and pH with Omni medical grade cleanser, serum and moisturizer, for eyes that smile without the lines!
  4. Don’t Touch Your Face! Touching your face, with or without your mask is a no-go as you may spread germs. **This is particularly important to avoid germs around your eyes, nose and mouth.
    Pro-Tip: Do your skin and health a favor and cleanse your hands before and after touching your face. If you are on the go, Omni’s new Cool & Clean Hand Sanitizer soothes and sanitizes.

Omni’s medical-grade skin regimen delivers results in less than 2 weeks—perfect for daily use between med-spa appointments!  This exclusive limited time 3-step summer skincare kit, provides proprietary, patented and proven skincare at home to repair, restore, and renew your skin. “Irritated Mask face” doesn’t stand a chance, even in the sweaty summer months with physician recommended, client preferred Omni. Experience the Omni difference today by shopping our 3-step summer kit available for purchase for $149, a discount from the MSRP of $247.

The Kit Contains Full Size Cleanser, Serum and Mask:

  • Omni’s Biome Boosting Facial Cleanser: This gentle cleanser washes away the deepest impurities with patented M-007® while protecting the skin’s biome and PH.  It’s more important than ever to remove the deepest microparticles and debris before applying other skincare products or putting that mask back on. 
  • Omni’s Regenerative Facial Serum: This super-changed multi-tasking serum is the first and last serum you’ll ever need. With the mighty micro-molecule M-007®, this stealth carrier transports active ingredients beneath the skin’s surface where active repair occurs, boosting collagen production for truly visible results. Tightening, lifting and reducing fine lines and dark spots between medical spa appointments has never been easier.
  • Omni’s Glow Booster Gel Mask:  Show your skin some serious love with this gel contour fitting mask that delivers dewy skin within minutes.  This is your skin’s best friend, whether you simply need a pick me up, post-beach days, as well as when you’ve been sporting a protectant mask for longer than usual. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties leave your skin hydrated, supple and youthful. 

These physician-preferred products are your stressed skin’s savior as we continue to rock masks throughout the sticky summer months.   


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