M-007® increases the efficacy of the active ingredients it transports

The secret behind the difference for Omni Bioceuticals is the M-007® patented molecular technology, setting a new standard in skin care. This bi-directional stealth carrier uses smarter science transforming your skin beneath the surface while supporting the skin’s biome.


  • Daily restorative facial moisturizer, serums and retinol: Omni M-007® acts as a transporter, depositing active ingredients deep below the skin’s surface where collagen is produced. M-007® helps speed up the metabolism of the skin by accelerating the process of the collagen production.
  • Daily Cleanser: Omni M-007® acts as an extractor pulling embedded, irritating dirt and toxins out of your skin without harming the skin’s biome. Having a clean canvas is important so that your moisturizers, serums and retinols work more effectively.
Omni Bioceuticals medical grade luxury skincare for men and woman

M-007® mission below the skin’s surface is to:

  • Bind and transport active ingredients for removal of dirt and debris or deposition of active ingredients

  • Increase the activity of peptides and other specific ingredients for better absorption and bio-availability

  • M-007® as an ingredient itself acts as an electrolyte leaving skin more hydrated and smooth.

  • When used in Hair Growth products, M-007® improves scalp vitality and supports and encourages both thicker hair and new hair growth.

Nature’s Clean Beauty

Omni’s M-007 molecule contains amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes that act as a redistribution system which helps the entire face receive the deep hydration it needs by drawing water into the skin. These electrolytes help replenish and strengthen the skin’s barrier- protecting and improving the health of the skin.

Omni Bioceuticals medical grade luxury skincare for men and woman

The History

The miracle of M-007® was discovered in nature. Scientist Dr. Gary Black made a groundbreaking discovery while researching the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He found that animals covered in this rare mud were better protected from radiation damage.

The mud contained high levels of fulvic acid, a powerful organic compound found in peat moss, that acts as a barrier between harmful toxins and the skin.

When Dr. Black met beauty expert, Jane Christensen, Omni’s M-007® powerful transformative and regenerative skincare properties were born.

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