Introducing M-007® 

Our Exclusive Patented Stealth Powerhouse Micro-Molecule Ingredient that works to Dive Deeper, Deposit Better, and Deliver Better Results Quicker. That is why Omni Products containing M-007® are physician-approved and top rated by our customers.

How it works: Omni’s M-007® micro-molecule is small.  At just 326 Daltons this exclusive patented stealth micro-molecule carrier is so small, it draws out toxins or deposits active ingredients deeper to the skin’s dermis where active skin repair happens. Many of our competitors’ ingredients are too big, at 500-1000 Daltons, they are too large to penetrate deep into the active layers of the skin. Rather, many top ingredients simply sit on the dead layer of the skin’s surface, providing little value.

The History of M-007®: The miracle of M-007® was discovered in nature. A PhD scientist researching the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, found victims covered in a rare mud were better protected from damage and toxins were drawn out.  When this scientist met a beauty expert, Omni’s M-007® powerful transformative and regenerative skincare properties were born; capable of drawing out toxins and impurities from the skin or depositing ingredients deeper into the active layer of the skin. Perfect for daily and post-procedure use.

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What Omni Products Contain M-007®? M-007® is the exclusive patented ingredient in select Omni products, available through Omni skincare professionals, and now available direct to you for between appointment care:

  • Omni’s Biome Boosting Facial Cleanser with M-007® dives deep with our exclusive Omni’s M-007® technology, this cleanser removes toxins from deep beneath the surface of the skin, while aloe vera extracts hydrate and soothe redness and irritation.
  • Omni’s Regenerative Facial Serum with M-007® contains targeted growth factor proteins and M-007® to help boosts collagen production beneath the skin, to even skin tone, tighten, lift, brighten, and smooth fine lines.
  • Omni’s Ultra-Nourishing Moisturizer with M-007® is new. This scientifically advanced hydrating moisturizer provides fast-absorbing protection during the day and repairs all night.