Are quality ingredients enough? Introducing M-007®

One of the main jobs of the skin is to act as a barrier to substances that would be harmful to its underlying structures. Elements with a molecular weight of 500 Daltons or more typically cannot penetrate the skin’s outer layer. Therefore, many of the beneficial ingredients in skin care products on the shelf today simply have too large a molecular structure to be absorbed into the skin. That means most of those ingredients sit on the dead layer of cells at the surface, where they provide little value.

Even though our growth factor proteins act via a form of communication with the body’s cellular structure, we wanted to amplify the bio-communication between these proteins and the skin’s own receptors. To that end, we selected target-specific signaling molecule that can enhance the bioactivity of most ingredients placed into it.

M-007® is a target-specific molecular delivery system that can enhance the bioactivity of most ingredients placed into it. It is capable of absorbing 300 times its own weight without growing in size, thereby delivering its passengers — our quality ingredients — closer to their destination beneath the surface.

Combining our exclusive targeted growth factor proteins, peptides, amino acids, and cytokines with M-007® enables Omni to produce transformative skin and hair products.

Not only does M-007® aid in the transfer of nutrients through the skin’s surface, but it also makes them more bio-available as it increases the metabolism of proteins, supports optimum cell growth, and helps neutralize free radicals.

Omni has revolutionized skin care by incorporating messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to deliver actionable ingredients that visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and enhance skin’s natural youthful luminosity. With our bio-compatible stem cell generated growth factor proteins and peptides, our high-quality professional line offers targeted results-driven regimes for all skin types.