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Omni Bioceutical Innovations is committed to delivering innovative skin treatment and care solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving professionals in the global medical aesthetic market.

Letter from the CEO.

Science is beautiful! Innovation, technology, health, stem cells, and aesthetics are top of mind subjects for me, particularly as I age. Being a serial entrepreneur, extremely curious, and 50-something, I find myself investigating answers to the same questions asked by my seasoned peers and friends: “I know I need to do something; I just don’t want a facelift.” The treatment selection is overwhelming.  “What should I choose? C02, Fraxel, RF, IPL? By the way, what is an IPL treatment?”  Further, the assortment of skincare lines is broad and deep.  These are all important considerations when you reach my age.

I also find myself pondering the real and often unspoken question being asked here: “How do I remain relevant and vital in my community of friends, peers, and family as I age?”  The consideration really isn’t about vanity, but relevance. As we live longer and work longer, the need to appear vital, educated, and relevant, requires we put our best face forward.

My pursuit of relevance and vitality has led me to start my third business venture: Omni Bioceutical Innovations. Backed by an extraordinary collaboration of scientists, forward-thinking physicians, and labs, Omni investigates, creates and produces the highest quality of aesthetic skincare and hair care products along with supportive home devices. Focused on post-treatment solutions, Omni has created recovery and daily products for the large emerging field of aesthetic lasers, micro needling, peels and other novel in-office clinic procedures.

The journey has not been easy; lots of competitors, a sea of naysayers and endless contributed hours building an incredible team. What drives me and keeps me going is my passion for new discoveries, love of startups, belief in our ambitious mission and my family. I have a husband that should retire but can’t, a son who aspires to be in medical school, and an adolescent son with autism in a world of limitations.

Beyond our medical aesthetic industry, you’ll note the importance of our community collaborations as you peruse this website. Community is a vital ingredient to our Omni formula. Omni supports the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) and First Place AZ, both non-profits supporting the lifelong needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. At Omni, we are creating jobs and supporting those of all ages who also want to be relevant, valued and vital.

Thank you for your purchase and support of our science and products, enriching beautiful minds, spirits, and skin everywhere.

Jane Christensen
Omni Bioceutical Innovations

Meet our team

jane christensen

Jane Christensen


Co-founder and President of Omni providing business strategies for medical practices and retail integration of Omni’s bioceutical products. Jane has been an entrepreneur most of her life, starting businesses in her early twenties. Her most recent ventures include: Omni Medical Imaging, a spa like out-patient radiology center; Omni Wellness Center; and Integrated Laser Solutions. Jane’s passion and attention to quality of life issues has earned her the coveted “Golden Heart of Business” award, BizAz “Top Coolest Companies in Arizona” and The Business Journal’s “The Most Innovative Woman.”

nicola, omni bioceutical innovations, m-007

Nicola Delli Venneri

SVP of Operations


Rebecca Sweeney

Supply Chain Manager

With a background in biology and aptitude to-boot, Rebecca is a Jack-of-all-trades and an asset to the Omni team. Her military experience at VMI has given her great leadership qualities and an ability to quickly adapt, allowing her to master an eclectic variety of complex business concepts.


Carolyn Taylor

Sr Director of Products, Analytics and Digital Platforms

Carolyn’s organizational skills and strong attention to detail make her a great addition to the Omni team. She is confident in her ability to adapt to any changes that come her way and eager to help people achieve beautiful skin and for Omni to meet its goals. She brings a personality to the company that customers and her coworkers truly enjoy.

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Morgan Taylor

Logistics & Supply Chain


Meet our advisors and directors.

Scientific Advisors

gary black

Gary Black Sr. – Senior Science Advisor
BPW & Glenngary International

cherie morgan

Cherie Morgan, RNC, NP
Integrated Laser Solutions Clinical Director


Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, M.D.
Director of Innovation

Board of Directors

Jane Christensen – Co-Founder & Board Chairman

Larry Davis

Larry Davis – Member

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