Stress-Proof your Summer Skin Beyond SPF

Meet Omni’s Newest Kit: 3 Steps for Thriving Summer Skin

What are three top products skin care products professionals recommend to stress-proof your summer skin? A medical-grade cleanser, serum and mask. The Omni Three-Step Summer Proof Regimen Kit provides the medical-grade regimen required to repair, restore and renew your skin even during summer stress.

Summer skin care goes well beyond your SPF. While we celebrate the return of warm weather, the summer presents a uniquely stressful time for your skin, especially now. Watch out for summer skin threats from air conditioning to sun damage to summer breeze that turns into a summer wind to work-at-home blue lights to daily stress, as skin can quickly feel and show the brunt of summer. It’s time to seriously step up our skincare game for summer, and medical-grade skincare has never been more important.  While a high-quality SPF is important, skin care professionals recommend the right regimen to gain and retain your summer glow. Follow the professional’s choice that is consumer-preferred, the medical grade Omni Three-Step Summer Proof Regimen Kit regimen to achieve the perfect summer skin. Each kit contains:  

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  1. Omni’s Biome Boosting Facial Cleanser with M-007®:
    • M-007® micro-molecule dives deeper, drawing out toxins, debris and impurities
    • Gently exfoliates, creating a clean canvas for powerhouse products to penetrate
    • Protect the skin’s biome with ultra-soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients
    • Infused with nature’s heavenly hydrator, aloe vera, to hydrate and calm skin
    • Ideal for soothing beach, pool, wind, or air-conditioning induced dehydration
    • Reduces redness, fine lines, and damage, restoring skin from dull to glowing
  2. Omni’s Regenerative Facial Serum with M-007®:
    • Targeted growth factor proteins visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots
    • M-007® deposits ingredients deeper into the dermis to stimulate collagen
    • Proprietary blend of citrus bergamia fruit oil, lactic acid, aloe, helps heal damage
    • Brightens dull skin to dewy, for an even, smoother, brighter summer skin glow
    • Lifts and tightens skin for supple firmer looking skin
    • Maintains in-office treatments, prolongs injectables, lasers and facial and more
  3. Omni’s Glow Booster Gel Mask:
    • The ultimate multitasker, protects & restores skin for an immediate healthy glow
    • Can be used as a daily a pick me up or for post-procedure protocol.
    • Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, it’s like a multi-vitamin for your skin
    • Delivers visible results in as little as ten minutes
    • Hydrates your skin post-beach, from indoor air-conditioning, or blue light damage

Omni, the professional’s choice for skincare, makes it easy to experience nature’s best and patented scientific ingredients with the three-step Summer Stress-Proof Pro-Kit that perfectly preps you for thriving summer skin.  We have hand-picked a summer-ready three-pack of preferred, medical-grade products that we know that you’ll love – and best of all, are perfectly suited to take the keep your skin stress-free even on the most damaging summer days. 

Formulated with Omni’s miracle M-007 micro-molecule, our powerhouse cleanser dives deeper to draw out toxins while our serum deposits proprietary ingredients deeper, well beneath the skin’s surface where active renewal and repair occur. Omni’s best-selling Glow Booster Mask restores your skin’s glow in ten minutes. Even better? These skin-smart products stress-proof your skin from environmental factors so your skin stays supple, hydrated, smooth and stress-free while soaking in all of summer’s goodness. 

Omni’s physician preferred and consumer loved products promise to deliver in-office results from the comfort of your own home, and now you can bring the spa to your doorstop ASAP by ordering our exclusive Omni Three-Step Summer Proof Regimen Kit for thriving summer skin online today at And at a special promotional price of $149 for these full-size professional products your savings are $98 from the regular price!

We appreciate your continued support and hoping you all are staying safe and healthy.
The OMNI Team.

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