Damaged, Thinning, Dull Hair? Don’t Stress. Meet Omni Daily Restorative Hair Complex infused with exclusive M-007® Technology

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The Superhero for your Stressed-out Strands: Meet Omni’s Daily Restorative Hair Complex infused with the exclusive medical-grade M-007® technology to improve scalp vitality and hair health for thicker, fuller hair. This super serum combats hair thinning and damage caused by stress (and today, life can be stressful!), environmental factors, poor diet, heat styling, color treatments and more. All while protecting the delicate scalp biome. With Omni Daily Restorative Hair Complex infused with M-007® show yourself some serious self-care as you detox and nourish your scalp and hair. Your reward? Thicker, fuller hair, more lustrous hair, even regenerating new growth, I promise. I’ve tried it.

One Product: Four Scalp & Hair Benefits.

In ten seconds, twice a day, Omni Daily Restorative Hair Complex with M-007®:

• Nourishes and protects the scalp biome

• Supports hair thickening

• Promotes hair health

• May help rejuvenate dormant hair follicles

Did you know everyday hair products can create scalp build-up overtime, clogging hair follicles? This can obstruct hair growth, damage hair, and get in the way of your best-tressed look. And as we age, our growth factor proteins, unfortunately become less abundant. Stress no more. The Omni M-007® difference combines smarter science with the best of nature to de-stress, detoxify and rejuvenate your scalp, leaving your hair thicker, healthier, more lustrous, while even promoting new growth.

How does Omni’s physician-endorsed, medical-grade product work? Omni’s M-007® transports patented growth factor proteins, peptides, and more, deeper, below the surface of the scalp to:

  • Draw out toxins and oils from the scalp with anti-inflammatory properties to ensure that your scalp is free of toxins and product build-up
  • Rejuvenate hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth
  • Repair dull dry hair to silky smooth strands, by improving nutrient absorption. Infused with fulvic acid, Omni M-007® enables keratin to be delivered right to the hair shaft
  • Naturally repair scalp damage, resulting in normal hair growth cycles
  • Works miracles in everyday use or as a part of your normal regime, or when paired with hair restoration treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma Injections. 

Unlike other hair restoration and growth product, Omni is naturally hormone-free and chemical-free, designed for men and women of all ages so everyone can experience fuller, thicker, more luscious locks for themselves- even millennials like me who have been bleaching their strands for decades. (Note-please do NOT be use on lashes or brows)

Just for the men out there – Thinning Hair? Don’t Stress. This is the New Powerhouse in Home and Post-Treatment Hair Restoration and Health Product You Need. And men, rejoice, because this heavenly hair complex doubles up as a beard thickening treatment as well!

  • Thicker, fuller, healthier hair with Omni’s Daily Restorative Hair Complex infused with the exclusive medical-grade M-007® 
  • This super serum improves scalp vitality and hair health for thicker, fuller hair all while protecting his scalp biome.
  • And better yet? No greasy feel, just smooth on your scalp twice a day for ten seconds. All your hair will feel is full and thicker. No hormones or chemicals like other products, for a healthier scalp and thicker hair for you. 

The New Powerhouse in Home & Post-Treatment Hair Restoration and Health a customer testimonial by Sarah Hicks

“I’m a believer. Here’s why. I can attest that scalp health is not just limited to one age group- it is essential for us all. While many men talk about hair loss, women suffer from thinning hair, too. Even millennials.  How we take care of our scalp plays a major factor in hair health. After years of color treatments and heat abuse with various styling devices, I was at wits end. My formerly long lustrous locks were replaced by broken, brittle, thin, ends that lacked luster and refused to grow, thinning by the day. Until, I got my hands on the ultimate serum sent from the hair gods: Omni’s Daily Restorative Hair Complex with M-007®.  After just one week of use, my hair is noticeably thicker, stronger, and looks and feels healthier.  And here’s the deal-you simply squirt a couple pumps into your hands and massage into your scalp for a minimum of ten seconds twice a day for the hair of your dreams. Even better? Omni’s Hair Complex absorbs beautifully and is completely residue free so your strands won’t feel greasy or weighed down upon use.”

daily restorative hair, M-007®, hair health, medical grade, #loveomniskin, hair growth

And with all the stress we are experiencing today, there is no better time to take care of yourself from the inside out. With thicker, healthier, great looking hair, you just may want to ditch the blow dryer and opt for air dried locks, further protecting your strands from heat damage.  

Come out of quarantine as your best self, renewed from the inside out.  Restore confidence today with this holy grail hair complex which is available for delivery asap on our online site- trust me, your hairdresser will thank you for it next time you’re in the chair (hopefully soon)!

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