Core Recovery Serum: unparalleled in medical aesthetics

Before: Immediately Post Laser / After: 48 hours post procedure

Our dermatologist-recommended recovery serum, with 99% medical-grade growth factor concentration, is the unparalleled choice for professionals and their clients. For nearly a decade, this post-procedure serum has been a cornerstone in the field, aiding individuals in their recovery journey after ablative and non-ablative treatments, micro-needling, and various other in-office procedures.

Exceptional Formulation: Our clinical core recovery complex, conveniently packaged in a pre-filled 4mL syringe, is a true game-changer. With a 99% medical-grade growth factor concentration it’s unmatched in the medical aesthetic industry. The formulation includes targeted growth factors and cytokines, making it a powerful asset in the quest for optimal skin recovery.

Proven Results: Backed by scientific research, our recovery serum has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing recovery time. Clients can expect a reduction in redness and heat in the skin, providing a soothing and regenerative post-treatment experience. Following a set protocol during in-office procedures, it has become an essential part of the recovery process.

Usage Guidelines: For the optimal results Core Recovery Serum should be applied post-treatment. Most clients report a cooling sensation, coupled with a noticeable reduction in redness. To enhance the recovery process, several applications after the initial treatment are recommended.  Please note: professionals will follow their set protocol for use of this product during in-office procedures. The product may also be sent home for use following a procedure, only when directed by a professional. Once open, it must be used within 48 hours.

In a Medical Aesthetics landscape where results and client satisfaction drive success, our dermatologist-recommended recovery serum stands unparalleled in the industry. This serum is the preferred choice for professionals committed to delivering superior post-treatment experiences, which is why it has been our hero product for almost a decade.

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