Omni Bioceuticals featured as a favorite brand at Adit Live Los Angeles 2024



Adit Live Los Angeles 2024

We are thrilled to be included in Millennium Magazine’s coverage of Adit Live Los Angeles 2024 that took place on Feb 1. We are one of the featured brands in the article as one of the favorite brands and products from the event!! 
This event is a unique one because it features all the latest trends and up and coming brands for buyers from all the major retailers. As the article states; “From Ulta to Erewhon, from Saks Fifth Avenue to Whole Foods, a buyer from any of a dozen brick-and-mortar and online retailers saw it here and knew you would want to buy it. We never know what trends we are going to see or who will catch our eye, but every year they appear like crystals in fine sand. And this year was no different. We saw a lot to be excited about and couldn’t wait to share our favorite trends, brands, and products with the beauty-loving public.”

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