The Omni Difference


Research into the phenomenal regenerative power of stem cells has led to rapid and exciting innovations for skin and hair health. At Omni, we developed our fibroblast-derived stem cell treatments based on the study and science of wound healing, where scientists and physicians have been able to facilitate the regeneration of even the most damaged skin, bone, and tissue. This research has taught us that the family of naturally occurring key signaling proteins knows as “growth factors” are the body’s first responders when damage in the body is detected. At Omni, we cultivate and process these proteins, selecting specific, anti-inflammatory, regenerative growth factors so we can enhance the regenerative power of the body’s own repair response.


Reducing inflammation is the number one line of defense again age, stress, pollution, and many skin ailments. When cultivating our growth factor proteins, we stand alone in our ability to select those proteins that are anti-inflammatory, because we know reducing inflammation in the skin, the body’s largest organ, can produce a significant improvement.


Not satisfied with simply being at the forefront of regenerative growth factor and peptide technology, Omni undertook the challenge of maximizing the absorption of these miraculous proteins for at-home use. This technological pursuit resulted in the patented signaling molecule, M-007®.