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Why Omni Products Win Out Every Time
Written by Jennifer – AesthetiCare Aesthetician

AesthetiCare is proud to carry the Omni Bioceutical Innovation product line to help in skin recovery and everyday skin health of our clients. 

Omni is one of my go-to products, both professionally and as a take home option.  I use Omni’s Core Recovery Complex post procedure to give my clients a recovery with very little downtime.  In addition, I send them home with Omni’s Daily Restorative Facial Serum, so they have everything they need to continue receiving the benefits of Omni’s patented growth factor and delivery molecule (M-007®).

M-007® is a target-specific molecular delivery system that can enhance the bioactivity of most ingredients placed into it. It is capable of absorbing 300 times its own weight without growing in size, thereby delivering its passengers — our quality ingredients — closer to their destination beneath the surface.

When I can give my clients a product like Omni, with the science behind it to back it up, it becomes very easy.  

Omni wins out every time!

Meet December’s Omni Ambassador, AesthetiCare

We’re wrapping up the year with a very special Omni Ambassador – Matt Taranto and his team at AesthetiCare in Kansas City. As one of the preeminent training centers in the U.S., the AesthetiCare team only uses and endorses products that they know are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to enhanced safety and stellar results.  Matt and his team use Omni’s Treatment and Care (TaC) products exactly as intended – in-office during treatments, as well as giving patients the take-home products to continue their care post-treatment. We can’t wait to share with you the unique perspectives of Matt and his clinical team throughout the upcoming month!

About AesthetiCare:

AesthetiCare has served Kansas City since 2001, and in that time has grown to become one of the largest aesthetic centers in the country. Their success is based on a very simple philosophy: offer the most effective treatments available, performed by highly trained staff, all layered with customer service that far exceeds expectations. Their goal is to provide service through education, so their patients are able to make informed decisions about their skin care.

Running a successful clinic has taught them the value of having a highly trained and educated staff – in fact, their staff includes 6 Registered Nurses with over 50 combined years of experience in aesthetics, and 6 licensed aestheticians with over 55 combined years of experience in aesthetics. AesthetiCare invests an average of $60,000 a year on continued education to ensure they can provide the best treatment and have access to the latest technology on the market today.

This passion, expertise and experience with the most advanced technologies and products has allowed them to be a national training center for Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and general aesthetics.

matt taranto, skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni
jennifer kennedy, skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni

About Matt Taranto, Owner and Managing Partner:

Matt entered the field of Aesthetics in 1996, opening Aesthetic Consulting Group as an independent rep group for non-surgical aesthetic equipment. He developed a territory in the Midwest that was consistently in the top 3 regions in the country in sales during this time. Matt has been a laser trainer for 21 years.

In 2001 he opened AesthetiCare MedSpa in Kansas City. AesthetiCare is now one of the most successful stand-alone MedSpas in the country with over $6 Million a year in revenues in 2018. AesthetiCare has experienced double-digit growth 18 consecutive years.

In 2005, Matt transformed Aesthetic Consulting Group to MINT Aesthetics, partnering with his wife, Kathy Taranto. Kathy has 20 years of experience in aesthetics. MINT has now worked with well over 1200 clinics in North America. MINT focuses on beginning to advanced training for virtually all med spa treatments including lasers and injectables. Matt spends the majority of his time consulting clinics in marketing, personnel, performing consultations, retail product sales, equipment evaluation and price negotiation, etc. Matt and Kathy also speak at 40+ aesthetic meetings each year throughout the country and are considered one of the country’s top authorities in the business of non-surgical aesthetics.

About Jennifer Kennedy, Aesthetician, LE:

Jennifer graduated from the University of Kansas in 1989 and worked for the University of Kansas Endowment Association before starting her family. In 2004, Jennifer received her esthetics license from Johnson County Community College. She began her esthetics career at an Aveda Concept Salon and Spa. In 2008, she made the leap to the medical side of esthetics and came to work at AesthetiCare.

Jennifer is an educator on the MINT training team where she shares her advanced knowledge of esthetics and Broad Band Light therapy. She considers it a blessing and privilege to work with people, to educate and help them achieve their skincare goals.

skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni, karee hays, ambassador, nashville, TN

Meet October’s Omni Ambassador, Karee Hays

This month’s Omni Ambassador is relatively new to the Omni family, but has already seen the amazing impact of Omni’s products in the day-to-day of Karee Hays Esthetics. She’s seen her clients benefit from: reduced downtime post-microneedling and laser services using Core Recovery; thicker, healthier hair using our Daily Restorative Hair Complex after PRP treatments and longer, fuller lashes using our Lash & Brow Complex. Karee and her team will be hosting an in-office event later this month featuring Omni’s products and we can’t wait to share the excitement all the way from Nashville, Tennessee!

The Amazing Ease (and Optimal Outcomes!) of Integrating Omni Products into Your Practice

We are honored to be in partnership with Omni Bioceutical Innovations, a company that has so many advanced breakthroughs in technology and science.  

We have tried and researched many post-procedure products in our practice for treatments throughout the years, especially with micro-needling, laser and microdermabrasion. Omni’s TaC Clinical Core Recovery Complex is by far one of the best products to date and its results are beyond impressive. I myself in the past after receiving micro-needling, would often experience very red irritated skin after the treatment that would take several days to calm down and heal.

Since bringing Omni products on, I can now have an intensive micro-needing treatments (even with RF) and, after applying the serum – within seconds – the skin is calmer and the erythema dissipates. I have virtually zero irritation. My treatment results are greater when I use Core Recovery. The healing process is noticeably faster. We have had patients that were not able to get these types of treatments until we offered Core Recovery. They noticed significant results within days

The technology and clinical studies behind Omni products are very different from other Growth Factor products. Their ability to target anti-inflammatory growth factors and reduce the inflammatory ones without damaging or compromising the skin on any level is truly remarkable.  

On another note, we are also HUGE fans of PRP for hair growth. This is a very popular treatment. Using Omni’s TaC Daily Restorative Hair Complex with M-007® in conjunction with the treatments have given increased benefits to stimulating the hair follicles. It truly nourishes and stimulates on a cellular level. There is no doubt that the hair serum aids hair rejuvenation and growth. Most all of our patients that have had this treatment in the past without the serum will say the serum definitely makes a difference in continual growth. It is a great product to offer in conjunction to PRP. Kind of a no brainer…

*My Own Omni Pro Tip*: I also put a few drops of the Omni TaC Daily Lash & Brow Growth Complex with M007® into my mascara, that way I am getting a little extra dose daily. IT WORKS!!!

skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni, karee hays

About Karee Hays Esthetics
Karee Hays Esthetics is a full-service skincare laboratory located in Nashville’s Green Hills neighborhood. Since 2011, the company’s namesake director and her team of experienced medical estheticians have provided a deluxe menu of spa and skincare services for women and men. Treatments ranging from luxurious facials to state-of-the-art laser services are designed to be augmented by Karee Hays’ signature collection of advanced medical-grade skincare products, available exclusively at the spa. The team treats each client individually, crafting a customized regimen that is highly effective, user-friendly and destined to deliver the famous Karee Hays Glow.

About Karee Hays
Healthy. Radiant. Beautiful. Three words that describe the Karee Hays Glow – the luminous complexions that are the hallmark of Karee Hays. For over a decade, the namesake visionary behind Karee Hays Esthetics, a full-service luxury medical skincare center in Nashville, has been dedicated to helping clients achieve an outer radiance that reflects their unique beauty within. Passionate about helping people feel good about their skin, Karee is a trusted and in-demand medical aesthetician and skincare specialist. Her advanced methods are backed by years of extensive research and cutting-edge technology, and reflected in a signature collection of medical-grade products that are renowned for their efficacy and beloved by celebrities, beauty editors, influencers, and wellness enthusiasts around the globe. Karee’s influence extends well beyond Middle Tennessee: she maintains a devoted long-distance clientele in New York and Los Angeles, where she frequently books private sessions.

skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni, valerie schneider, gretchen ranhoff, R.N.

What Exactly Are Growth Factors and Why do They Matter?

As a decade-long user of Omni’s human growth factor based products with our signature microneedling procedures, many people ask us about growth factors, often confusing them with human growth hormones which are something completely different.

Growth factors are specialized proteins within the skin cell that function as messengers. The messages they carry are needed to help the skin cell repair itself. I like to think of a growth factor as a great “normalizer” of the skin cell, communicating to the cell that another behavior is needed to create homeostasis. Our own growth factors often get depleted and less functional as we approach our thirties, resulting in the first signs of aging in our skin. This is not the beginning of aging…it is when we first start to notice the results of years of environmental damage and other exposure that has been accumulating. Obviously, every person is different -our lifestyles, where we spent our childhoods, whether we wore sunscreen or not, our genetics, etc. all play a part but eventually, we all visibly age.

Growth factors are a best friend to the aging process. We need them to function in order to combat the visible signs of aging skin. Our patented growth factor products we use from Omni Bioceutical Innovations are hand selected for this purpose from neonatal skin cells in order to achieve the highest function for the best results. No other company or product can do this.

Not all growth factors are created equal. Many have extra, toxic and unnecessary ingredients that can be irritating to the skin. Others are not even from human sources, which weakens their function for a human skin cell. With our serums, we have the highest concentration of the best, patented, hand selected growth factors that you can find all from another actual skin cell. I have been researching other products for a decade and there is not anything close to the quality, concentration and effectiveness of the Omni product line.

We were able to attend the Walnut Creek Business Trade Faire to showcase our Signature Treatment and educate the local community about growth factors and the Omni Treatment and Care line!

How Growth Factors Enhance our Signature Procedure at Lucent Aesthetics

Being this month’s Featured Ambassador for Omni Bioceutical Innovations is really just a natural progression of what we’ve been doing all these years. My nurse and I have used these products since Omni started. I often tell my patients that if my office got evacuated, I would grab my growth factors and run!

Growth factors are a much-needed addition to any medical grade skincare regimen and microneedling is one of the hottest treatments right now. Everyone asks about this combination in comparison to PRP and vampire facials. Do they really know what they’re getting? These products and procedures are not all created equal so I do a lot of patient education about this topic.  I am convinced that Omni’s Core Recovery Complex serum is actually better than PRP. Why would I choose my own aged blood cell growth factors instead of Omni’s patented, targeted, high-quality products?

Ever since we started using Omni’s growth factor-based products several years ago, we have made microneedling + growth factors our signature procedure – in fact, we were the first practice to do microneedling with Omni’s Core Recovery Complex serum in our area!

As the local experts in Omni’s growth factor-based products, we have been the only practice using them and are now training others to use them, as well. Growth factors are highly-specialized proteins made by skin cells to serve as messengers to the cell. They can stimulate cell turnover and jumpstart the repair process to create a healthier cellular environment. This translates into a multitude of beneficial effects for the skin:

– Softening fine lines and wrinkles

– Improving texture, softness and smoothness

– Direct stimulation of collagen and elastin

– Breakup of pigments

– Lessening of pore size

– Reducing redness and inflammation

– Treating acne and scars

– Improving elasticity

– Combating thinning skin and moisture loss

– Restoring skin’s natural glow and luminosity

Our signature procedure involves making small, microscopic needle channels in the surface of the skin at the exact depth needed to deliver human growth factors to do their best work on the skin cells.  There is minimal downtime, typically only one night, and all activities can resume the next day. It’s easy, simple and gives a lot of “bang for your buck”. Consider it like aerating the lawn (your skin) and then adding fertilizer (the Omni Core Recovery Complex serum). Almost any area on the body can be treated. Within a week, the texture feels improved. Collagen stimulation from the needling will occur for several months following the procedure so it is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Over the last several years, we have gained a lot of experience with Omni’s growth factor products and have been able to compare them to everything else on the market. We regularly challenge other products as nothing comes close to the quality and purity of Omni.

A 70-year-old patient after 3 of our Signature Treatments, using Omni’s TaC Daily Restorative Facial Serum at home in between treatments.

A 42-year-old patient’s neck after 2 of our Signature Treatments, using Omni’s TaC Daily Restorative Facial Serum at home in between treatments.

My First Experience with Omni’s Growth Factor-Based Products

Let me tell you how we got started with Omni all those years ago…my nurse, Gretchen, and I had to get certified and trained for our first laser by the company representative. That trainer was a nurse who just happened to be a good friend of Jane Christensen, the CEO and founder of Omni. We had heard about growth factors then, but there were very few products at that time and even less clinical evidence about their usage and results.

As we were deciding if we’d like to carry Omni’s products in our practice, Gretchen came to me about the son of one of her friends, John. During his senior year of high school, after completing Accutane, John’s skin flared up and he experienced an exacerbation of his acne.  He became depressed, and began isolating himself from friends and social events. His mother was heartbroken when he declined acceptance into his college of choice because he felt so self-conscience about his appearance.

At their wits’ end about this trying to find him a solution, we spoke to John and his mom about manual micro-needling and testing Omni’s TaC Core Recovery Complex with this procedure to see if this combination could produce a better result than what they had tried. They agreed, but John was so isolated because of his acne that he would not leave his home to get the procedure done. Gretchen went to his house and performed manual micro-needling along with Omni’s Core Recovery Complex. The next morning, John’s mom called. I could hear her screaming over the phone while talking with my nurse. It turns out that John was significantly better in one night! A significant reduction of inflammation and redness was visible after his first micro-needling treatment with Omni’s Core Recovery Complex serum.  Every day thereafter, his skin continued to improve, and John was beyond excited with the results he was seeing.

The next month, John returned for his second treatment. He walked into the office, came directly over to shake my hand, thanked me and expressed his gratitude for the improvement with his skin. I think we all broke down in tears that day. It was a very special moment… The beginning of a wonderful relationship with Omni!  Our earliest patients were really trial runs for us as there was no one in our area that did micro-needling to collaborate with on this procedure. We just kept having one success story after another and we soon became the local experts in using Omni’s products.

After his third micro-needling + Core Recovery treatment, spaced one month apart, John’s skin was clear and his acne scars were filling in from the treatment’s collagen stimulation.  He enrolled and finished college and is a successful young man today. We have many heartfelt stories like this that keep us committed in utilizing Omni’s patented growth factors to treat our patients at Lucent Aesthetic.

Before and After 1: John’s results, 2 weeks apart, using Omni’s Core Recovery Complex and TaC Daily Restorative Face Serum

September’s Omni Ambassadors, Dr. Valerie Schneider and
Gretchen Ranhoff, R.N.

This month’s Omni Ambassadors are the ORIGINAL Omni Ambassadors – they have been using  Omni’s products since we first started many years ago and have even built their Signature Service at Lucent Aesthetic using Omni’s TaC Core Recovery Complex in conjunction with microneedling. Dr. Schneider and Gretchen have vast knowledge and application of growth factors and  will be sharing both their experience and the literal life-changing power of Omni’s products with you throughout the month. Stay tuned! 

skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni, valerie schneider

About Lucent Aesthetic:
Lucent Aesthetic was founded on the premise of providing patients with a core curriculum of the best, innovative, safe, effective, non-invasive products and services in the industry. Through continuous training, research and ongoing education, the staff at Lucent Aesthetic extend their professional expertise toward offering physician-strength skincare products tested for quality and effectiveness. In being completely discerning with the regimens recommended to patients, Lucent Aesthetic has created a complete skincare package known as the GRASP Bag, which is customized on a consultation basis to be perfect for each patient’s individual aesthetic goals.

About Valerie Schneider, MD:
Dr. Valerie Schneider has been in private medical practice in Walnut Creek, CA since 2002. Initially, her areas of training and expertise included Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, however after several years of aesthetic treatments, education and personal research of lasers, she sought out an advanced training and certification program in Scottsdale, AZ. In 2009, she completed the program for lasers, injectables and sclerotherapy and has been an active member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery since then. In 2011, she opened Lucent Aesthetic as the preeminent Laser and Aesthetic Medicine practice in Walnut Creek. Dr. Schneider has built her practice to be centered around offering only the products and services that she has thoroughly researched and that her staff are trained and certified in so that her patients get a highly effective treatment with proven outcomes. 

About Gretchen Ranhoff, RN:
Gretchen comes from a background of Neonatal Intensive Care, Intravenous Therapy, and General Medicine/Surgery.  Pursuing her interest in Aesthetic Medicine, she received advanced training and certification in Scottsdale, AZ for lasers, injectables, and sclerotherapy in 2009.  Gretchen is also a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, promoting ongoing training, keeping current on technology, and attending educational conferences centered around safety in the practice. Gretchen loves to talk with each patient about why she is recommending certain products to help them reach their aesthetic goals and prides herself on providing each treatment in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni, dr. jill fichtel, transformative dermatology, ambassador

The Private Label Opportunity with Omni Bioceutical Innovations

As a patient-focused Dermatologist, I take pride in developing full-spectrum and personalized health solutions for my patients.  From the first day that I began developing my practice, I knew that our patient experience had to reflect our ethical values as providers.  At Transformative Dermatology, our focus is complete patient health by combining state of the art technology along with top-tier home use products that compliment these treatments.

As part of my mission, I strive to evaluate each of my client’s needs and participate in their journey toward health, vitality and beauty. Because of this experience and along with our entire team at Transformative Dermatology we have embarked on a path to find the best partner in the market to work with on our signature skin care line, Jilluxe.  We are proud to partner with Omni Bioceutical Innovations and their visionary team to create the ultimate solution for our patients.  The process with working with Omni has been seamless and I’ve found their attention to detail and focus on the highest quality formulations in the industry to be a reflection of the values that we cherish at our practice.  

We are thrilled to introduce the Jilluxe brand to patients around the country! In addition to our Private Label partnership with Omni, we also utilize their advanced treatment options like the Core Recovery Serum and Boost Recovery Masks for the majority of our laser and micro-needling treatments to speed recovery and enhance the results.

Building Transformative Dermatology with Omni Bioceutical Innovations

I am so honored to be chosen as an Omni Ambassador and also to share my experience with this amazing company, the superior products that are strongly anchored by science, and Omni’s desire to elevate each individual practice they partner with.

Omni Bioceutical Innovations represents excellence in every sense of the word, beginning with Jane Christensen, Founder and CEO. She has created a culture of excellence that ultimately results in products that deliver transformative results. My new practice in Nashville, TN – Transformative Dermatology – also has the same goal: to transform patients by aiming to help them feel better, look better, love better, and live better. Everything I offer in my practice must contribute to this effort, thereby making the Omni Treatment and Care product line fit beautifully within my practice.

The key ingredients are the Growth Factors, in addition to a unique molecule that enhances the penetration of the products deeper into the skin for better results called M-007®.  The growth factors have many actions that contribute to their plentiful, beneficial effects. These effects include healing from procedures faster, increasing hydration, reducing fine lines and blotchy pigmentation, reducing inflammation, slowing skin aging, stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. In addition to the benefit in skin health, growth factors also help facilitate the return of a youthful hair cycle and restores the hair follicle to regrow the hair.

Personally, I have several favorites that are a must in my own skin routine. Every morning, I cleanse and exfoliate with Jilluxe Transformative Foaming Cleanser, and after I dry my face, I apply Omni Facial Serum and Eye Serum first thing, followed by any other products or sunscreen. The Facial and Eye Serums both are silky smooth and glide over my skin easily. Fragrance is important to me, and this scent is light, pleasant, and dissipates within seconds. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave any type of residue whatsoever, and my skin immediately feels firmer and the puffiness around my eyes is improved. These Omni serums provide an excellent addition to your current skin care regimen.

Meet June’s Omni Ambassador, Dr. Jill Fichtel.

We’ve officially launched our new Omni Ambassador program with Dr. Jill Fichtel of Brentwood, TN. Dr. Fichtel will be sharing her experiences with our products (Dr. Fichtel, as one of the stars and main sponsors of the ICON awards, made Omni part of the focus at the event in Beverly Hills!) as well as best practices for integrating Omni into clients’ regimens.
Stay tuned for updates throughout this month!

skin health solutions, hair health solutions, biome cleanser, clear skin, clean skin, m-007, boosting, treatment and care, skin care, hair care, omni, Jill fichtel, transformative dermatology

Dr. Jill Fichtel, MD is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in diagnosing and treating skin conditions and disorders of every kind. In 2019, to further honor a commitment to help her patients achieve total wellness and wellbeing, she expanded her practice and opened Transformative Dermatology. She now offers a full complement of medical and aesthetic treatments to heal & rejuvenate the skin, hair, face and body.

Dr. Fichtel brings 15 years of experience to the practice of dermatology, elevating it into a transformative journey that helps patients feel better, look better, love better & live better. Through a trusting, caring, nurturing doctor-patient relationship, she customizes each treatment plan to the unique needs and goals of each individual patient. Offering the latest state-of-the-art technologies, Dr. Fichtel can customize a treatment plan for you – to help you become the best version of yourself!

Dr. Fichtel has helped thousands of people get the skin, hair and body they have always wanted – so they can start living their best lives. Her extensive experience enables her to find the perfect, personalized combination of medical and aesthetic services for each and every patient – so they’ll love the skin they’re in!