See what our clients are saying!

My patients prefer the Core Recovery Complex for its fast healing time and beautiful results. Their downtime of flushed skin is less than a day, in fact their moderate erythema often starts diminishing before they leave our office. Patients notice within the first week that their texture and tone starts to even out and fine lines drastically diminish. I have patients that try a regular HA serum for 1 treatment and then the Omni Core Recovery Complex for the next and they don’t go back to HA.

Heather Happy – Esthetician / Coolsprings Plastic Surgery Group

We brought Omni into our practice almost 2 years ago, starting with the Face and Eye serums, as well as the Core products for micro-needling and post laser. Our clients love them! Since then, we have introduced M-007 and it is really taking off. These products are fabulous! Being in a medical practice, we were looking for a line of growth factors that has clinical data available to support its claims and is proven effective. Omni is just that. We are thrilled with the results our patients are seeing in the overall quality of their skin and new hair growth. Customer service is always top notch as well. Thanks McKenna, Carolyn & Jane!

Jean Rossolillo – Medical/Laser Esthetician / Full Circle

I have used several post-laser regimens for my ablative CO2 laser patients in hopes of improving and shortening their recovery time. I have seen very little difference in either patient experience or time to recovery with any of these so-called “one-of-a-kind” products. The Omni Core Complex is very different. I was first impressed with the science behind the product, but was initially skeptical of how it would it perform clinically? From day 1, patients report significantly less pain than those who did not use the Omni Core Complex. Healing times are 1-2 weeks shorter. In my 14 years of experience with laser resurfacing, this is the first and only product to deliver on the promise of significantly improving the post-laser experience for my patients.

Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

I am 51, 30 days short of 52, and have been an Omni Bioceutical Innovations customer for 2.5 years now and I can’t tell you the difference your products have made in my overall skin tone, elasticity and diminished appearance of wrinkles. The compliments I receive are overwhelming and people guessing my age in my late 30’s.

In my youth, I spent countless hours at the beach, never wearing sunscreen and washing my face with bar soap. In my mid 30’s I did a 180 and began a never wavering daily skin care regiment in efforts to reverse the damage done.

Once I learned of and researched your products, they are now part of my daily regimen. I’ve used the Daily Facial and Eye Serums post Jessner and TCA peels with fantastic results and recently used them post a micro needling procedure. All reduced downtime and increased the healing process significantly. The results were equally impressive after using it after a nasty oven burn.

I’ve shared your studies with the Nina Spadaccino, Practice Director for both the Dallas Plastic Surgery Center and EpiCenter Skin Care Center as well as Trisha Paulson, owner/founder of DFW Medical Spa. Hopefully they will begin incorporating your products in their practice offerings.

I just wanted to share my story and a pic one day post a pretty aggressive micro-needling procedure. Thank you and the entire team for all you do!!

Trisha Hoelscher / Consumer

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Omni product line. I have tried the TaC Restorative Daily Serum, the Eye Serum and the TaC Core Recovery Complex. I truly believe in these products and have experienced amazing results! Thank You! I’ve noticed that the crepiness and fine lines in my eye area have improved greatly and look plumper and hydrated. The daily serum has brightened and firmed my skin as well as made it smoother. I really like the Core Recovery Complex after any treatment that my skin isn’t used to experiencing such as microdermabrasion, a peel, laser or anything exfoliating. My skin feels hydrated, plumped and replenished with this serum. Thank you so much for recommending these products to me! What a great find for a 50+ woman!

Linda Smyth / Consumer

I love the Omni Bioceutical serums. It’s refreshing, light and the texture goes perfectly under both my day and night creams. It never makes my face feel shiny, oily or heavy. I use it all over my face and neck every day and night. Best of all, the results are spectacular. It keeps my skin firm and smooth and taut. I go without makeup frequently even though I’m almost sixty. It has helped heal much of my acne scarring on my cheeks, and evened out my skin tone. I love the serums!

Nan Howlett / Consumer

The Boost Recovery Mask is awesome! Now that summer us upon is in AZ, I will get a chance to try the sunscreen.

Brooke Martin / Consumer