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A Nutritional Supplement for your Skin & Hair in a Spray? Meet Omni Amino-Plex Spray®. The Nutritional Summer Rescue Super-Hydrator

Is your summer-exposed skin in need of a boost? Look no further than Omni Amino Plex®Spray to provide hydration, nutrification, and healing properties to rescue skin from the damage of indoor and outdoor environmental exposure. And the added bonus? This nutritional multi-tasker helps hydrate, calm and soothe damaged hair and smooth frizzies. Powered byWoocommerce customer […]

Smooth, Supple, Hydrated, Stress-Free Summer Skin—Even While Wearing a Mask Protect Against Irritating Mask Face in 1… 2… 3… 4….

Put Your Best Face (& Neck, Décolletage, & Eyes) Forward Even While Wearing a Mask Wearing a face mask may add stress to summer skin with dryness, breakouts and bacteria under and around your mask. And the skin above and below your mask? UV, blue lights and more can exacerbate skin damage. Put your best […]

Meet Omni’s Cool & Clean Sanitizer for Seriously Soothed & Sanitized Skin

Looking for a hand sanitizer that contains CDC recommended levels of powerful, sanitizing alcohol and cools, calms and hydrates your skin? Omni’s Cool & Clean Hand Sanitizer delivers all of this and more, with six benefits in one application when you can’t reach the sink: Acts quickly to kill microorganisms and viruses on hands Reduces bacterial […]

Your Summer Skin Savior: Professional Skin Care Keeps Skin Dewy, Even at a Distance

Omni’s Pro-Regimen7 Summer-Sexy Skin Benefits…From Even 6 Feet Apart As we roll into the new summer season and our social lives slowly reopen, your skin deserves a med-spa glow. Whether virtual remains your reality with zoom-gatherings, a virtual wedding or drive-by graduation, or you attend that socially-distanced get together, you still want to rock a […]

Stress-Proof your Summer Skin Beyond SPF

Meet Omni’s Newest Kit: 3 Steps for Thriving Summer Skin What are three top products skin care products professionals recommend to stress-proof your summer skin? A medical-grade cleanser, serum and mask. The Omni Three-Step Summer Proof Regimen Kit provides the medical-grade regimen required to repair, restore and renew your skin even during summer stress. Summer […]

Pro-Tips: What’s the Best Skin Care Treatment During Re-Opening? Your Pre-Treatment. Take care of your skin now with medical grade skincare.

Jane Christensen, Omni CEO and Founder Interviews Cherie Morgan, RNC, NP, Aesthetic and Laser Clinical Trainer from SkinPlus MedSpa. As we re-open for business during this new-normal, we are interviewing industry experts to provide their perspective. Today, Cherie Morgan, RNC, NP, an Aesthetic and Laser Clinical Trainer for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, and […]

The Med Spa Re-Opening Challenge: Safe practices, quality treatments and ingredients to improve skin outcomes

By Jane Christensen, CEO and Founder of Omni As the industry re-opens during this new-normal, we are interviewing industry experts to provide their perspective. Larry Davis, an industry leader, Omni Board member and entrepreneur in the medical aesthetic arena is today’s expert. Davis is a partner in the group that owns Spa Sydell Integrative Aesthetics, […]

Damaged, Thinning, Dull Hair? Don’t Stress. Meet Omni Daily Restorative Hair Complex infused with exclusive M-007® Technology

The Superhero for your Stressed-out Strands: Meet Omni’s Daily Restorative Hair Complex infused with the exclusive medical-grade M-007® technology to improve scalp vitality and hair health for thicker, fuller hair. This super serum combats hair thinning and damage caused by stress (and today, life can be stressful!), environmental factors, poor diet, heat styling, color treatments […]

Move Over Retinols, Meet Omni M-007® Skincare’s New Powerhouse that Dives Deeper, Deposit Better Here’s why you need it.

If you’re a serious skincare junkie, you know all about powerhouse products such as peptides, retinols, vitamin c, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid.  But do you know about a miracle medical-grade micro-molecule that is small enough to penetrate deep enough into the dermis, the layer of the skin where active repair and renewal occur? Not […]

Celebrate Earth Day everyday with Omni by nourishing your skin from the inside out!

Omni’s bioavailable products are the epitome of where proprietary science and beauty expertise meet. Discovered by a physicist long ago, our miracle micro-molecule M-007® combines the best of science and nature with targeted growth factor proteins, peptides, 18 amino acids, 60 trace minerals, electrolytes, and more- so products penetrate deeper or drawing out harmful toxins as […]